Cut the Kids

Benzo - Leo - Kris A 3-piece Electro-Indie band from Manchester, UK Cut The Kids. All Tracks. by Cut The Kids

I never really thought that the run-up to last night’s gig would ever end, the stress and and anxiety of selling the tickets and getting people to come so we didn’t lose any money only went away the day before and with a string of problems during rehearsal I was getting pretty fearful.

But nothing feels quite the same as that moment, 30 minutes feels just like 1 second. You don’t have any second chances, and you can’t really afford to not give it everything you have, and I can pick several points that I gave more than everything I had.

We played 2 new songs that we hadn’t done live and I think that they went really well, and the whole vibe of the place is that everyone had a great time, unless I just projected those feelings, I’m really looking forward to more gigs like that with a great environment and a good crowd. 
To everyone who came down, thank you so much.


Strobe lights and blown speakers

So our gig at Academy Live is only 6 days away, and we’ve had no rehearsals for it in almost 2 weeks it seems, and only one 4-hour session, the night before the show. So that’s a bit nerve-wracking, but I’m fairly confident it’s going to be a good show.

I just want it to be a fun, energetic show that everyone can get involved in, most of the time our shows consist of a barely populated room of people standing idly watching and clapping at each song. I get that it’s how every band starts, but I just want to see a room full of people grooving, dancing and just having a fun time. We’ve got some extra things planned, different instruments, new songs and all that, and I just want it to be a night people remember, preferably in a good way.

So, if you’re in Manchester on Saturday night, we’re playing at the Academy 3, tickets on the door are £7, and we’d really appreciate seeing people come down and enjoying themselves.

Until next time, Benzo. 

So it’s the end of another day and I’ve got nothing to really do other than endlessly browse facebook and twitter until I decide it’s a good idea to go to sleep.. other than book a rehearsal slot so I’m just gonna go and do that and think of something to write about..

Now that I’m back from Leeds Festival and I’ve had some time to think about all these music related things, I’ve got to wondering how bands really get to that state of like fame and fortune just by making music, the headline bands who play to over 30,000 people, some who’ve paid £200+ to come to the festival, just to see that one band, it just completely blows my mind, coming from someone who has to beg his friends and college-mates to pay £5 to come to our gigs. I mean obviously it’s more than just the music that they come for, all these big acts (and I mean acts, as they tend to be more of a show than a gig) have the costumes, the lights, the stage props and all that. But people don’t just come for those parts, they come to hear the songs that they love, that they listen to and sing and dance to in their bedrooms, they come to see hear those songs played by the people who made them, alongside hundreds and thousands of people who came to do the same, that’s the root of it, the music.

So in a way, music is one of the most universally uniting things we have, it brings fans together, and it brings the fans closer to the artist. In my mind, though I’m sure I’m wrong, people don’t go to gigs to see the musicians, to see their idols close up and in the flesh, they go for the music, the thrill of the big crowd, losing your inhibitions with other music fans, because if you take away the big screens and the cameras at the side of the main stage, the musicians are just as small as each individual in the crowd. And it sometimes seems baffling why so many people crowd up to see some other people jump around on a big stage, but it’s the music that fills up these huge open spaces, that every one loves, and everyone feels the uniting feeling of.

So, now I have to think of a way to bring this blog to a point, and I guess that my point is more of a question, because it’s one I don’t know the answer to; what makes you love the music they listen to, and what makes you want to witness the creation of this music live?
Is it because you idolise the people who make it, pushing them to a godlike pedestal, basking in their brilliance as they carve the sounds that you’ve heard a thousand times but in a totally new way, in awe of how such small people can make such a enormous and beautiful sound? Or because of the overwhelming feeling of losing yourself alongside many other lost individuals, screaming the words to your favourite songs songs, jumping around and into other people and then finding the fragments of who you used to be of the muddy ground, throwing it to the wind and starting a new version of yourself, a happier person filled with excitement and fresh memories?

we’ve got an ask box somewhere I think, so why not let me know?

Until next time, keep being amazing. Sam

A few words about Pictures

I think Pictures is one the best songs we ever wrote, it was a big change in comparison to the three songs we had already written (being Feathers, Cajon and Misguide) we went a bit more mellow, understated and most definitely more emotional. But the reason that this song sticks out to me most of all isn’t the way it sounds or how it was written, the lyrics are what makes this song so special to me, normally when I write my lyrics I just start with music and just think of anything that fits and sort of describes how I feel, but this one’s very different, and will need a bit of padding:

So, the whole thing started when a friend of mine committed suicide (nice way for the story to start, I know). I never knew him in real life, we only ever spoke over forums (he lived in Belgium and we played video games together, it’s not that interesting…) but despite that, it was a really shocking experience, and during a conversation with a friend who knew him I started just writing down lines, these 2 line parts with no melody, they didn’t even rhyme, I just had to get the words out of my head. I just broke down.

The thoughts that I was feeling were just totally different to anything I knew, I’ve had relatives die, elderly relatives, and of course it’s incredibly upsetting, but this was someone just like me, who did the same stuff, liked the same things and we were good friends in this close-knit, online group. 
Being online was the greatest downfall though, and that caused me the most grief, we didn’t know whether or not he was actually gone, and so from some time between the 27th of February (just after my birthday) until around the 10th of March, there was so much confusion and fear, mistrust and doubt going around, it nearly killed us all.

So around 10 months later, Leo sent me the little demo he made, of the first guitar line, some bass sounds, and just the melody, and for some reason my friend was still in my head. So I dug out those notes and looked at what I had written, the most grievous things I had ever written and thought about it. The doubt, the sadness, the feeling like everything you’ve known has just been snatched away from you. And I came up with these first few lines;

You’ve be gone, February was so long 
Could I forget, the feelings were too strong

No last words, nothing that could have been heard
We never say these things, before it’s all too late 

You made your choice, I could never raise my voice
You took your life, and took away a part of me

I still sometimes think about him, I look at his facebook page and read all the mournful messages people still leave him and it gets to me how much someone I never even knew meant to me. Maybe he didn’t die. Maybe he never even existed, people do that. He could’ve just been a fragment of our minds, something that someone wanted to put together, but regardless of what he could or couldn’t have been, he was still a friend to me. And I’ve still lost a friend.

Rest in Peace, my dear friend.